Penton Players

Some of you may be old enough to remember the original Penton Players, which ran in the village over 50 years ago, but it ceased to be and there was a lull of about 20 years before a few newcomers to the village discovered they had a similar interest in being Thespians. So mostly at the instigation of our lovely Fee Knowles, several villagers old and new got together and decided to form a Dramatic Society calling ourselves “The New Penton Players”.
We discovered we had a play, a director and a cast, so in March 1986 our debut performance happened and “Brush with a Body” by Maurice Mc Loughlin was premiered. It starred the talented Alan Burnell as an Irish sweep with the gift of the blarney and an eye for the main chance, who discovers a body up the chimney of his customer, a Psychologist, Henry Walling played by a young Neville Carrick. This obviously throws the household into confusion but Mr Flaherty is in control even when a beautiful but disturbed patient of Henry’s turns up.
A long list of performances followed and continues to the current time. At the time of writing (March 2020) the Players are making the final selection for the June play, and are welcoming newcomers who want to be involved. Leave a message on the Hall phone number (01264 513 313) if you are interested.



6th-8th March 1986 Brush with a Body
13th-15th November1886 Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime
11th-13th June1987 Plaza Suite
12th-14th November ’87 Laughter in the Dark
12th-14th May1988 An Inspector Calls
8th-10th December ’88 The Camel’s Back
2nd-4th March 1989 Old Time Music Hall
9th-11th November ’89 Play On
14th-17th November’90 The Forties Show
13th-16th   November ’91 Towards Zero
13th-15th February 1992 Dock Brief / Cast Off Five
7th-9th May 1992 Keeping Down with the Joneses
11th-14th November ’92 A Tomb with a View
1993 A Key for Two
May 1994 Old Time Music Hall
November 1994 Busy Body
11th –13th May 1995 VE Day Show
11th –16th November ’96 Fish out of Water
July & November 1997 The Importance of Being Earnest
12th-14th November ’98 Tip-Toe through the Tombsones
1st-3rd July 1999 Play On
9th-11th November 2000 Blithe Spirit
15th-17th November 2001 Absurd Person Singular
May 2002 The Golden Years
6th-8th November 2003 Confusions
June 2004 Selection in the Marquee on the Playing Field
May 2005 Fool’s Paradise
10th-12th November 2005 20 Years Remembered
2006 About Henry
2007 Visiting Hour
10th-12th April 2008 Gloria’s Angel, Deckchairs 2, What’s for Pudding
27th – 29th November 2008 A Christmas Show
12th – 14th November 2009 The Odd Couple
12th – 14th August 2010 Penton History Play
10th – 12th November 2011 Evening of Comedy
15th – 16th May 2015 Pentons’ Heroes
26th – 28th May 2016 Nobody’s Fool
11th – 13th May 2017 Laying the Ghost
15th – 17th November 2018 Nobody’s Perfect
14th – 16th November 2019 Confusions
13th – 15th October 2022 Zoom – a lockdown play, and Last Panto in Penton Mewsey