Large Hall

Large Hall – which can hold up to 80 seated or 100 standing people. This room has maple flooring and tables and seating which can be arranged as required by the hirer. There is an audio loop system and a modular stage and a skittle alley if required. At one end of this hall is a small room with a hatch into the main hall suitable for use as a bar. This room is ideal for social, business and commercial functions.

The Hall includes a ceiling-mounted digital projector and screen.  The projector offers HDMI and VGA connectivity.
There is free WiFi.

The Large Hall is 16 metres long, between 5 metres and 6.5 metres wide, and 3.5 metres tall.  See the floor plan in the Gallery.

Large Hall – which can hold up to 100 persons standing, or 80 seated.


Large Hall seating example for AGM


There are round, rectangular and square tables.  Hirers should bring their own table coverings.  Rectangular tables are 182cm x 69cm seating 6 or 69cm x 91cm seating 4.
An example of a party layout in the Large Hall


A Skittle Alley is available for a small additional charge (see Tariffs and Terms)

You can see a plan drawing of the Hall in use for a skittles event, with tables and seating to correct scale – by opening:
Skittle Alley 7 teams – scale drawing    and  Skittle Alley 7 teams – perspective

A bouncy castle no taller than 11.5 feet may be installed at the far end of the Large Hall.

The height limit of 11.5 feet is essential to avoid the risk of damage to the Hall projector and the play equipment potentially leading to costly claims.
Play inflatables must
i. have a current PIPA test certificate , and
ii. be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and
iii. supervised by a responsible adult when in use.
Penton Village Hall does not supply play inflatables; they must be obtained independently.