PENTON VILLAGE HALL is only 10 minutes from the centre of Andover.

There are round, rectangular and square tables. An optional Linen Service is available.

Garden – at the rear of the property which is enclosed and secure.

Large Hall – which can hold up to 150 persons standing, or 100 seated.

Kitchen facilities include two cookers and two refrigerators

PENTON VILLAGE HALL was once the local Village School

Small Hall – which can hold up to 35 persons standing or 20 seated.

The kitchen is equipped with an industrial dishwasher (3 minute cycle)

There is plenty of preapration area in the kitchen

The kitchen has serving hatches into both Small and Large Hall and foyer.

The Large Hall – suitable for 100 to 150 people – with tables and chairs available

A small changing room is available above the Small Hall