FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to hire the Hall?

A: Please see Hall Tariff Dec 2018

Q:  I have to set up for a party. When can I collect the keys?

A: Keys can be collected at the start of your hire time. Typically they are in the unlocked front door for you. Please lock up afterwards and return the keys through the letterbox in the hall porch door.  If using the Large Hall, a smart lock code (for the porch door) may also be provided for you.  The minimum hire period for a party is 3 hours because the set-up period must be included in this time.

Q: May I hire from, or stop at, a half-hour?

A: Our policy is to hire from the start of an hour (hh:00)  and end at the end of an hour (hh:59)

Q: How much car parking is available?

A: Up to 25 cars; fewer if they are large cars.  It is possible to park more vehicles on the roadside by the nearby playing field.

Q: How much crockery and cutlery is there?

A: Settings for up to 100 people

Q: Are there facilities for making tea and coffee?

A: Yes, there are two electric kettles, and one large electric urn if you need to cater for large groups.  There are cups, saucers, teaspoons, sugar bowls and milk jugs for up to 100 people.  You will need to bring your own consumables (tea, coffee, sugar, milk etc).

Q: Can we get a bouncy castle inside the Large Hall?

A: Yes, this has been done before, but the size of the castle must not be very tall.

Q: Does the Hall have any soft play equipment for young children?

A: No.  You will need to bring your own.

Q: Is there a projector?

A: Yes, ceiling mounted in the Large Hall, with a ceiling-mounted projection screen.  It supports HDMI and VGA connectors.

Q: Is there WiFi?

A: Yes; free WiFi is available throughout the Hall